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Pat Christie, Director of Libraries and Academic Support Services, University of the Arts London

"The project to implement RFID technology in all our libraries at University of the Arts London in 2011 benefited greatly from the insights of Mick Fortune, an industry expert, who helped clarify our requirements and provided relevant and timely guidance. The advice he provided throughout the project, based on his extensive knowledge of trends in the global RFID market and his understanding of data standards, helped us to make effective and appropriate choices and achieve a successful outcome."

Brian Green, Executive Director, International ISBN Agency

“I worked with Mick when he was at Nielsen and, more recently, in his capacity as an RFID consultant. Mick is a great enthusiast and understands the importance of industry standards. The relationship betwen me, as a developer and promoter of trade standards, and Mick, as a supporter of their practical implementation, has been constructive and, I hope, beneficial to the industry. I would recommend Mick as a consultant and adviser on implementation of RFID, EDI and other industry standards. He is also an excellent communicator and is keen to ensure that the book sector works collaboratively to get the greatest possible benefit from those standards.” March 26, 2010

Derek Law  - Professor at University of Strathclyde, Board Chairman at JISC Advance, Professor at University of Strathclyde, Centre for Digital Library Research

“I have known Mick for many years, initially meeting him when we were in the market for Library Systems. Mick was (and is!) hugely knowledgeable and always managed to convey the sense of working with the client rather than selling to him. Although our careers have diverged over the years we have kept in touch at conferences and trade fairs and I know that my view is shared by most people in this rather niche library community”

Leif Andresen, Former Chief Adviser, Danish Agency for Libraries and Media (now Chief adviser to the Director of the Royal Library, Copenhagen)

“Mike is a well-informed and friendly man. I have with rewarding amusement discussed many topics with Mike. And I look forward to new exchanges of opinions in the future.”

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